AR313 Complete Kit

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This amplifier design covers frequencies from HF to VHF with a power output level of 300 watts using RF power MOSFETs. The MRF141G used in this design is considered as a state of the art device. The MRF141G is housed in a special push-pull header commonly known as "Gemini" (twins) meaning that there are two identical transistors mounted next to each other on a common carrier or flange. The frequency range of this amplifier design is 10-150 MHz. This amplifier was originally designed for operation from a 12 to 28 volt power supply. As the MRF141G is basically made for operation from a 28 volt supply, lowering the voltage down 20 volts or lower would make the unit almost indestructable against load mismatches such as open coax or a broken antenna.


Frequency Range                                        10-150 MHz

Power Input                                               15 watts (typical)

Power Output                                             300 watts (typical)

Input Impedance                                        50 ohms

Output Impedance                                      50 ohms

Input Voltage                                             12 - 28 volts DC

Input Current                                             22 amps (typical)

The component set includes:

1 ea.   Capacitor Set                       

1 ea.   Resistor Set

1 ea.   Ferrite Set                           

1 ea.   Transformer Set

1 ea.   Printed Circuit Board            

1 ea.   1N5923A  8.2V Zener Diode

1 ea.   MRF141G FET


AR313 Engineering Application

AR313 Parts Placement

AR313 Zener Modification

MRF141G Data Sheet

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