AR347 Complete Kit

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This amplifier design covers frequencies from 2 to 50 Mhz with a power output level of 1000 watts using RF power MOSFETs. The MRF154 used in this design is considered as a state of the art device. The MRF154 is usable up to 100 Mhz with a frequency range of 2 to 50 Mhz. Its applications include military communications, jammers, low channel TV, etc. Although the point of saturation is well over 1000 watts, the amplifier was tested for linearity at 800 watts.  The MRF157 can be substituted for the MRF154 in this design.


Frequency Range                     2 - 50 MHz

Power Input                              10 watts (typical)

Power Output                           1000 watts (typical)

Input Impedance                      50 ohms

Output Impedance                   50 ohms

Input Voltage                            50 volts DC

Input Current                            40 - 50 amps (typical)

The component set includes:

1 ea.   Capacitor Set                

1 ea.   Resistor Set

1 ea.   Semiconductor Set        

1 ea.   Ferrite Set

1 ea.   Transformer Set             

1 ea.   Printed Circuit Board Set

1 ea.   Matched Transistor Pair   MRF154 or MRF157


AR347 Engineering Note

AR347 Construction Hints

MRF154 Data Sheet

MRF157 Data Sheet





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