RF 400 Transformer

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RF400 TRANSFORMER is intended for input, output and interstage impedance matching applications, primarily in solid-state, push-pull amplifiers. The RF400 transformercan handle a maximum power dissipation of 50 watts PEP. The core material for the RF 400 transformer is available in two material types:

           TYPE 77   0.5-15MHz frequency range

           TYPE 43   2-30MHz frequency range

 The RF400 transformer is available with no secondary winding (core only) or with the following windings:

             1 Turn          #22AWG Teflon Insulated wire   1:1 Impedance ratio

            2 Turns         #22AWG Teflon Insulated wire   1:4 Impedance ratio

            3 Turns         #22AWG Teflon Insulated wire   1:9 Impedance ratio

            4 Turns         #22AWG Teflon Insulated wire   1:16 Impedance ratio

            5 Turns         #22AWG Teflon Insulated wire   1:25 Impedance ratio

 The RF400 transformer is available manufactured with standard solder or with lead free solder.


RF400 Dimensions and Specifications

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